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Tu Fais un Pipi?

Building a Snowman with the kids

What is it with kids that they HAVE to know what you’re doing at every single moment? I leave them colouring in to go to the loo, I’ve barely shut the door when I hear knocking on the door…

“Tu fais quoi?”

“Harriot… tu fais quoi?”

To which I reply “Je suis dans la toilette, Je sera juste un minute!”

Apparently, this is never good enough “Mais tu fais un caca ou pipi?” Why, oh why do they demand I share even my toilet habits with them! I’m not allowed to forego sharing theirs either, every time Achille needs the toilet I have to go with him, and if I don't, there will be screaming and crying. How dare I leave him alone?!

It doesn't matter where we are or what I'm doing, they must constantly have my attention, when I'm trying to stamp the tickets on the bus ride back from school is their favourite time to pull on my sleeve and demand I look at them or hold something or they want to show me their latest drawing. I'm sure the first English words they learnt were "Not right now" followed by "can't you see I'm busy?"

However despite all the annoying things they do, I do really love them and they make me so proud all the time. They knew no English before and now they know all their colours, animals and numbers up to 10. They can understand most things I say, when I say dinner is ready or clean up or shower time they’ll repeat it in French to be sure but the look on their faces when they know they’ve understood it in English is incredible. They get so excited and now start arguing over who is better and shout over each other to be the person to answer me in English first!

Children learn so quickly and even though they wind me up the wall sometimes (and keep calling a fork a bike even though they know the difference!) it's incredible to see how far they have progressed! Although it is also quite depressing considering that their English is nearly better than my French was by GCSE!

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