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Things I've Learnt Since Moving To The Netherlands

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Biking Drunk (against my own advice)

Apologies that it's been a while since my last blog post, uni has been crazy crazy busy, I've had so much studying (read:drinking) to do, which has lead to a lot of late nights... Anywho, there's a few things I've learnt since moving to The Netherlands, and lots of things I've realised I have to learn, namely how to ride a bike (without injuring myself, causing crashes or maiming innocent pedestrians) and I thought I'd share some here...

No. 1 - How do the Dutch manage to ride a bike without buying a new pair of jeans every week, do they secretly hoard hundreds of the same pair? Who knows?!

No. 2 - My advice to you - never ride a bike drunk, (unless you're dutch and have some kind of genetic ability that means you can cycle no matter how fucked you are) but at the same time it's a great way to sober up, that and a big fat Kaassoufflé...

No. 3 - Beer has been forced to become my new best friend, I may have been a wine drinker before but that's all gone out the window since moving here, if I can't pay next months rent blame the pitchers...

No.4 - Don't wear a v-neck whilst cycling, unless you enjoy severe wind chill and on that note, I've also never hated wind as much as when I'm cycling up a hill (well as much of a hill as you get in Limburg) with it battling against me, especially when women the same age as my Grandma are overtaking me

No.5 - They sell beer at the cinema here?! And wine... need I say more?

No.6 - Dutch people may be very friendly, but they aren't that friendly if you crash into them on a bike...

No.7 - Nowhere accepts a bloody VISA card...

No.8 - Getting a social security number is infinitely easier than in France, and the mayor even sends you a lovely letter with vouchers to use in the city (the friendly Dutch stereotype isn't entirely a myth)

No.9 - You can use 'Lekker' to describe pretty much anything that's even marginally good, food, music, weather...

No.10 - Cantus (singing and chugging beer) is the best thing to come out of the Netherlands, but is also the reason why No.2 is necessary advice...

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