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Parmesan & Asparagus Risotto


6 Asparagus spears

1 Garlic clove

1 small shallot

250g Risotto

Vegetable stock cube

70g Parmesan

White wine because why the heck not


1. Chop the ends off of the asparagus and boil until tender (tender not soggy).

2. Add the risotto and boiling water to a pan, when the water starts to bubble chuck the stock cube in. You may need to add more water as it gets absorbed over time.

3. Whilst the risotto is cooking keep an eye on the asparagus, when tender drain and chop into small pieces (about an inch).

4. You can also finely chop up the shallot and garlic clove and grate the parmesan (or buy pre-grated).

3. When the risotto is soft (about 15 mins) drain it and put to one side.

5. Add olive oil to your frying pan and lightly fry the shallot and garlic clove until soft (not brown) add the risotto and asparagus and stir in the parmesan.

6. Add a splash of white wine.

7. Serve up!

P.S: You can also use white onion if you can’t find a shallot, who really cares.

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