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Ordinary Skincare Review

So I've struggled with bad skin since I was about 12. Recently when I was out shopping with a friend I came across the Ordinary products. I've seen these around a lot before on instagram but never put much thought into trying them... after all no skincare product has ever provided me with a miracle cure before and I just end up getting more frustrated and wasting more money.

However, I needed a new moisturiser and this one was pretty cheap, compared to what I usually spend on moisturiser, at €7 so it seemed worth a shot. I also noticed some little bottles next to it in the store, with different types of acid. Intrigued as I've never used anything like that before I asked the lady what would work best on acne prone skin and she pointed me towards the salicylic acid 2%. Another one also caught my eye, a bright red AHA and BHA peeling acid, but for now I decided to stick to what the lady had suggested.

Salicylic acid works as an exfoliant, fighting blemishes from inside your pores. The recommendations are to apply the acid directly onto spots morning and evening. However, to begin with they recommend applying it once a day, so that's what I did! After buying it with Caro and promising her that I'd give her day to day updates on how it was going, including some especially attractive close up photos of my pores, I thought I'd also share how it went with you guys (minus the photos - no one else needs to see that).

Day 1: I decided to try it for the first time as part of my evening routine. First I cleansed my face with rose water and once my face was dry applied the salicylic acid onto any obvious spots and over the bridge of my nose where I have a lot of blackheads. Fuck me did it sting but it made me feel like it was doing something and to be honest my skin was pretty dry so it maybe wasn't the best idea to whack some salicylic acid on top of it. The moisturiser worked a dream, it was so silky on my skin and I needed the tiniest amount for it to work. I mean tiniest, less than the size of a very small pea to cover my entire face! My skin felt so good afterwards!

Day 2: It's not an overnight miracle cure (what is?), so I didn't expect to see any changes when I woke up but I did have to fight not slapping some more on straight away given that you should ease into using this! My skin did feel tighter though, but I'm not sure that that's really the goal of this product! That evening when applying the acid it didn't sting like it had which ended in me lathering quite a bit more on (probably not what you should be doing!) My skin was far less dry than day 1, and the moisturiser worked just as well! I applied it morning and evening and even by evening my skin already felt softer!

Day 3: I started to notice a few more pimples appearing, which is apparently what happens with salicylic acid. It gets worse before it gets better and all that! So I took comfort in feeling that my skin was being "detoxed". Ever the impatient person I decided it was time to move the applications to morning AND evening, and apart from the odd twinge when I put it on a spot I assume wasn't completely closed it seemed to work fine! I was still in awe of how little moisturiser I needed to use, this bottle was going to last me forever!

Day 4: Everything seemed to be going okay by now, I had more breakouts but asides from that my skin looked fresher and less tired. I'd got into a routine with applying it now and the spots I'd had when I started using this had almost completely faded away. Whether that was just allowing them to run their course or the salicylic acid who knows but either way they were gone and I wasn't complaining! My skin was so much softer, and healthier looking. I no longer had any dry patches and it rubbed completely into my skin where before in dry areas like my cheeks it had taken more effort to be absorbed!

Day 5: My original spots were pretty much completely gone by now and the blackheads on my nose were also looking better! I'd broken out a lot around my chin and some on my forehead in the dreaded T-Zone but it made me feel like I could see something happening. By this point, I had fallen in love with the moisturiser. It was like I had found the perfect product for my skin and it was just a dream!

I've now been using both the salicylic acid and the moisturiser for 4 months which I think gives a more realistic impression of how this works than the first five days of using it! I've noticed a HUGE reduction in breakouts and blackheads, of course I still get the odd spot, especially around my period, but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be and they disappear a lot faster! Having tried a lot of different products to deal with my skin (which you can read more about here) I can honestly say the salicylic acid is the best product I've found. I loved the moisturiser in the first few days. It was so rich and I only needed the smallest amount for it to really work for my skin. Now however I find it can be too rich and so I only apply it every other day. I'd like to try another moisturiser because I like to apply it daily which I find I just can't anymore with this one! That said, I have bought one new bottle of salicylic acid since trying it out but I do still have half a tube of moisturiser left so I've started using it on my stubbornly dry elbows too!

If you're tempted to try out either of these products, you can find them here;

I've also just bought the "vampire" peeling acid so I'll be posting about that and how it's working for me in the next couple of weeks!

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