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Mice, Wine and Slippy Shoes

On top of the roof of my old apartment in Barbés

So, I've been in Paris for almost a month and I've finally gotten around to writing my first blog post! It's been manic here - I started working the day after I arrived and it's just go go go everyday. It didn't help I was also cramming my evenings and weekends full of touristy things, whilst also getting to grips with a new job, apartment and routine, but it was fun!

Firstly, please remind me next time to rent an apartment with an elevator, going three floors up an old, creaking, winding staircase with a suitcase definitely over the 20kg limit was sweaty work to say the least. Just the kind of look you want before meeting your new flat mates: huffing, puffing and dripping wet. They kindly kept their grossed out faces hidden!

I also found out that Parisian apartments whilst beautiful and picturesque on the outside, are not so much so on the inside. Or at least for 550 a month mine isn't, but what more could you expect for that price in Paris? I mean it even includes a few extras like our resident mouse, Jerry (who is not a massive fan of olives... or cheese... or anything else we leave out in an attempt to catch him) and some lovely plants that grow through our kitchen sink, really adding some missing greenery to the room. Also, apparently double glazing doesn't work in Paris, or that's what I've gathered from being able to listen in on people's arguments 3 storeys down from my back room or count the amount of engines revving, but the best part is the 6am construction work outside my window. Although the scaffolding provides a great way up to the rooftop, which I'll pretend I climbed up to very nonchalantly (rooftop, Paris, no biggie right.) Realistically, I was terrified of slipping to my death either by sliding down the roof or from the scaffolding collapsing and basically stayed crawling on all fours, only standing up to get that insta worthy shot.

Seriously though, my flatmates are great, the wine is cheap and the weather great (although 3​5˚ is a bit much for my ghostly pale skin and it's also taught me not to wear slip ons unless I want to lose one on the metro as it flies off my sweaty foot mid power walk!)

Finally the most important thing I've learnt this month is that however shitty a day you've had you can always get a bottle of wine from Carrefour for €3 that's really not that bad. Vive la cheap wine and also the hope that one of your flatmates hasn't stolen the bottle opener.. again...

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