• Harriot Grinnell-Moore

Metro Musings (Part V)

Inside le Metro

More thoughts from inside Le Metro

  • I always feel like I have to race people up the stairs in the metro and then I have to pretend not to be horrifically out of breath afterwards, when they just nonchalantly stroll off...

  • Today was the first time I got stopped by a Charity fundraiser in the street? Why is it so much more rare over here? I actually miss loose change buckets...

  • French people always talk on the phone like they're hiding something, why so secretive? Seriously they'll cover their mouth with their scarves or hands, like someone is lip reading them???

  • Why does everyone still wear winter coats and scarves when it's 20º already? Do not judge me for wearing a t-shirt and denim jacket ok, I'd happily just wear a t-shirt right now, but then I'd feel TOO judged.

  • Why do all the tall people steal all the short people bars on the bus?! Now I have to reach up on my tip toes to grab the overhead bar and look ridiculous...

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