• Harriot Grinnell-Moore

Metro Musings (Part IV)

Inside le Metro

More thoughts from inside Le Metro ...

  • I did it! I did it! I did the little Parisian run down the steps of the metro! Turns out the trick is in adding a little hop up as you rush down the stairs...

  • Do I want to be successful for me or because of how I will like the way others perceive me if I am? Why do I want to be successful more than I want to be happy?

  • You can connect with strangers in a moment, in an instant and then in another moment they're gone, and you forget them, you forget that they were a part of your life even for that one split second.

  • It was really sad today catching the metro, they've started to cover up all the Johnny Hallyday tributes with white tape.

  • It's scary because I am grown. I am an adult. I expect myself to know myself, to know my path in life but I'm still discovering myself. I'm still figuring out how to be me. How to be kind, what I stand for and what I stand against, but I'm only 20 and I need to accept that it's ok.

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