• Harriot Grinnell-Moore

Metro Musings (Part II)

Inside le Metro

More thoughts from inside Le Metro...

  • How many times do I have to climb the stairs to the top of L'arc de Triomphe until I get that toned booty? Or come to that, just climbing the stairs up to Montmartre... or the steps in the metro should do it. Shouldn't it?

  • I may have to start going to another supermarché as the cashier at my local keeps judging me for the amount of wine I buy each day...

  • My written French has become appalling seeing as all I do is speak it now, and I should really improve it as it's embarrassing having to use google when the kids ask how to spell certain words...

  • Can I get away with wearing my beret in Paris or is it just far too cliché?

  • I am actively avoiding Starbucks now because I refuse to try to pronounce latte in a French accent anymore (yes I could say café au lait but on the sign it says latte so latte I must say) or have them struggle over writing out my name... It's just better all round this way.

  • English spoken in a French accent gives men an unfair advantage

  • I should really use my Velib pass before my yearly subscription runs out...

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