• Harriot Grinnell-Moore

Metro Musings (Part I)

Inside le metro

More thoughts from inside le metro...

  • Do all French men wear the same cologne?

  • Note to self: Next time I buy the kids sweets, buy ones I don’t like so I don’t eat them all

  • I love the clicking of my heels against the metro platform

  • How many personalities can one woman have?

  • How do Parisian women manage to cycle in stilettos and holding a handbag? I can barely ride a bike with stabilisers...

  • Are French men more forthcoming or am I more confident in France?

  • Does this handbag make me look like a tourist?

  • My favourite thing about the kids I look after is they don’t know how to tell the time yet so I can send them to bed super early and they’ll never know...

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