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Merlot & Mum

Bottle of Red & The Champs de Mars

It turns out, even living 421 miles away from my mum, she still can't escape my 3 am meltdowns. This one came in the form of far too many bottles of wine, for which I blame how cheap the wine is and how quickly a glass becomes a demi becomes a bottle...

It was one of those evenings where you don't really remember getting home, but get me home my roommates did (thanks guys!), and I didn't even need to be carried! However, the bits and pieces I do remember seem to suggest it was a good night, until I fell asleep at the bar and ended it by vomiting in my sink. Luckily, I didn't vomit until I was safely back in the comfort of my own apartment, but that didn't mean that no one else was privy to my embarrassment.

Oh no, because it was at this point I decided to ring my mum, "Muuuuuum, I don't feel so good" I moaned as I vommed up the nice bottles of red wine I'd drunk into the sink. Now my toilet is not exactly large, for one you have to sit sideways on the toilet as there's no room for your legs under the sink, why I decided on the sink over the toilet who knows, but it meant I was sitting quite precariously. On the plus side it meant there was practically no reason for me to miss the sink!

Forty minutes later, still on the phone to my mum, still retching, I definitely felt miles away from the adult I'd felt like at the beginning of the week (having cooked my own vegetables!) but it made me realise something soppy but so important. No matter how far away, no matter how trivial, no matter how late my mum would always be there for me.

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