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How To Liven Up Your Commute

It's hit 8am on a Monday morning, and it all starts again. Bleary eyed commuters, screaming kids, the slog through sweaty, hectic metro tunnels. I spend around 3 hours commuting a day, which kind of sucks, especially my morning commute which involves an hour on a bus, and I get super travel sick. I hate sitting there for an hour doing nothing, or just listening to music, it seems like such wasted time, so I’ve put together a few little bits to help liven up that commute and not make you dread those ‘wasted’ hours.

1. Podcasts – This is my absolute go to during my bus journey, too much reading or writing makes me so queasy, so podcasts are my saviours. I’m newly converted, and honestly, they’re just incredible you can find podcasts on absolutely everything from Princess Diana conspiracies, to debates on Universal Pay to Harry Potter fan theories. There is something out there for everyone, my favourites right now are “Stuff You Missed in History Class” and “Reasons to be Cheerful”. I’m also going to add audiobooks into this category, if you, like me, get travel sick these are great alternatives!

2. Learn a new skill – Put your time to good use, don’t go another year ignoring your New Year’s Resolution to learn Italian or start a blog! There are so many great apps out there like Duolingo for learning languages, and with most public transport now having free WiFi you have no excuse!

3. Read- I know I’ve already mentioned this briefly, but I believe none of us read enough, have a look at Goodreads ‘100 Books To Read Before You Die’ or pick up that book you keep meaning to finish and crack on!

4. Chat to someone – I love meeting new people, and I’ve met some amazing people with amazing stories just by striking up a conversation with the person next to me on the train, you never know what new things you’ll learn and new friends you’ll make.

5. Write – Just write, about the old man next to you, the juddering, jolting rhythmic noises of the metro, your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas. I believe commutes are just like shower thoughts, you could have your next multi-million idea so jot it down!

6. Ring your Grandma – Ok yes, full disclosure, I am that super annoying person on the metro/bus/ insert public transport who talks on the phone. I stand by this though, I love chatting with my Grandma, but life is busy, and I forget or make excuses, so what better time than when I know I have an hour free with no obligations to do anything else?

7. Watch a Netflix Episode – I mean sometimes you just want to chill right? Sometimes you just don’t have time in your day to catch up on your favourite shows – so make your commute your Netflix time!

8. Watch a Ted Talk – If you’re looking to feel inspired you’ve found it, not only can Ted Talks be educating, uplifting and inspiring they’re also great for conversation starters and just and discussion in general.

9. Catch up on e-mails – If you feel you’re always drowning under emails from work use your commute to catch up and get into the office feeling ready to go. If like me your job isn’t the type where you get inundated with e-mails (woo!) use the time to declutter, unsubscribe from all the junk e-mails you’ve signed up to over the years, which just pile up in your inbox.

10. Take time to breathe – We are all so busy now, with work, kids, our social lives, so it’s easy to sometimes forget to just take time to look around you and take in the world and breathe.

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