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A Letter To The Older Harriot

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

When I Grow Up... 21st Birthday Party

A while back I posted 21 Things I wanted to do before I turned 21, and I said I wanted to write a letter to the older me, specifically the 30-year-old me. However, knowing me 9 years from now I'll have lost that letter so I'm going to post it here for all of you to read too.

To read on the night before your 30th Birthday,

It'll have been 10 years since I wrote this letter and turning 30 seems so far away but I wonder how it feels from that end? Does it still feel like you just turned 21? Are you happy? I remember writing one of these when I was like 11 to my 18-year-old self and I asked a million questions - are you studying English? Are you still friends with...? Did you dye your hair? Did you achieve x,y,z? It was so nice to read back and see what mattered to me at the time but right now all that matters to me is that 30-year old me is happy. Of course, there are things I still want to achieve, I want to move to Israel, to become a journalist, to pass my driving test - but I just hope that if I've achieved these things it wasn't at the expense of my happiness. I hope you're looking after yourself, I hope you've found some inner confidence. I hope Trump didn't get elected for a second term. I wonder what you're reading right now? I just started reading In Extremis, and I'm obsessed. Marie Colvin is now on par with Sylvia Plath. I also discovered The Venus of Delta - do you remember how much it shocked you? Your favourite drink right now is red wine or gin, or - you're a student let's be honest you'll drink anything. Right now I'm trying to decide whether your favourite season is still Winter or if Summer is going to take the lead. My biggest fear right now is ending up alone, and not in the relationship sense just in the sense of not having anyone around me. That everyone I know will move on and do their own thing and I'll be stuck doing the same old thing I know it's a little irrational but hey, hopefully by 30 I'll be over it! I really hope I've got better with money, but I'm not shocked if 30- year-old me is just as bad! I really need to start looking into journalism internships, but life is so busy right now. I had a little 21st Party at home with my friends from school and it was so good to catch up, god I miss them living across the corridor from me so much. I can't imagine you'll have lost contact with them seeing as we still talk every day - but if you have pick up the bloody phone, those girls grew with you and they have never not been there for you. I wonder what you'll think of when you look back at your time at uni? Right now I'm loving all of it, the courses are so interesting and I couldn't have met better people to spend 3 years here with. What's your go-to film when you're feeling down, is it still Breakfast at Tiffany's? How about your favourite binge series, right now it's Games of Thrones, was the ending good enough? Have you read the books yet? if you haven't just do it already you've been saying you're going to read them for years!! What about Brexit, do you still think it was a bad idea? I can't wait to see how you've grown and what's changed, what's stayed the same. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing I'm sure 21-year-old me is proud of you.

Love, Harriot x

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