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Things I'm grateful for this Christmas

Christmas market in Maastricht

That my mum still calls me her principessa or bambina.

That when I stay at my Dads he still shuts my curtains, turns my bed down and the bedside lamp on so it's all cosy when I go up to bed.

That it's been three years since I left school and I still talk to my best friends every single day.

The way Aidan and Genie pronounce "Auntie Harriot".

Those really really tight hugs when you need them the most.

The incredible people I've met this year.

I have two years of the most amazing memories from Paris (which I keep reminding myself of because I'm missing it so much right now)

That this time university is exactly what I expected it to be, and that I am treasuring every moment of it.

I'm starting to learn not to take everything so seriously.

My mental health is improving.

Evenings watching films with my mum, and she starts singing along or dancing or crying.

The freckle under my left eyebrow.

Walks in the wood with my Dad and Basil.

Ripping open the foil behind my advent calendar door.

The smell of fresh laundry.

Crisp mornings when the sun is shining.

Reading through old letters.

Making gingerbread men or sugar cookies.

Long, hot baths.

Books that you never want to end.

Old family photos and videos.

Waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee.

A good bottle of red wine.

Dancing with my friends.

Homemade soup and fresh crusty bread.

Watching my friends grow and succeed and being so proud of them.

Knowing my family is healthy.

Hearing my Dad sing.

Morning and evening stretches.

Writing letters to Santa.

Reading French newspapers.

Driving around looking at everyones Christmas lights outside their houses.

Spending time with my sister.

My mum still buys me advent calendars and fills my stocking.

Sunday evenings celebrating advent.

Ice-skating and cosy scarves.

Christmas films and carols and roasted chestnuts.

Family traditions.

Christmas Eve watching Eloise at Christmastime.

That my Grandma ends every phone call with god bless.

Most of all I'm grateful for all the little things that make Christmas so special and the time I have with my family before flying back to uni in the New Year!

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