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102 Things to put on your Bucket List

I've had a bucket list since I was about 14, and going through some old drawers recently I found it scrawled in the back of one of my old journals, some of them I've completed, many of them I haven't and there's lots more I've added over the years. So in a bid to actually cross off a few more I thought I'd motivate myself by sharing them here with you, I'd also love to know what you guys have on your bucket lists!

  1. Go to an Ice bar ✔️

  2. Skydive

  3. Bungee jumping

  4. Travel to Morocco and South Africa

  5. Visit every European country

  6. Go skinny dipping ✔️

  7. Have a crazy, whirlwind summer romance ✔️

  8. Swim in the Dead Sea

  9. Ride a Gondola ✔️

  10. See the Northern lights

  11. Stand in the Sistine Chapel ✔️

  12. See the Colosseum ✔️

  13. Visit each arrondissement in Paris ✔️

  14. Go to Havana

  15. Learn to Surf and Ski

  16. Learn to speak Arabic

  17. Learn horse riding

  18. Learn sign language

  19. Pick a lock

  20. Road trip down Route 66

  21. Be part of a flashmob

  22. Go scuba diving

  23. Watch a show at the Moulin Rouge

  24. Kiss in the rain ✔️

  25. Drive without knowing where you'll end

  26. Go to a masked ball

  27. Have a library in my house

  28. Go white water rafting

  29. Hitchhike ✔️

  30. Build a treehouse

  31. Ride on the back of a Vespa

  32. Go to Glastonbury

  33. Get a tattoo

  34. Ride a camel

  35. Stay at the Ritz

  36. Sleep on the beach

  37. Have Breakfast in Paris at 3am ✔️

  38. Dye my hair blonde ✔️

  39. Meet Meryl Streep

  40. Campout in the back of a pickup truck

  41. Crowdsurf

  42. Make a wish in the Trevi fountain ✔️

  43. Play balloon darts like in Princess diaries

  44. Mattress surf like in Princess diaries ✔️

  45. Eat snails and frog legs

  46. Speak fluent French ✔️

  47. Own a tortoise and a dog

  48. Move Abroad ✔️

  49. Travel solo ✔️

  50. Live sustainably and as plastic free as you can

  51. Live in Israel for a year

  52. Travel around Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea

  53. Go to every Continent

  54. Ride in a hot air balloon

  55. Climb a Volcano ✔️

  56. Climb a Mountain

  57. Milk a cow

  58. Sleep in an Igloo

  59. Share a cab with a stranger ✔️

  60. Do a Karaoke Duet with Rosie (finally)

  61. Publish a book or poetry collection

  62. Public an article ✔️

  63. Jump into a pool fully clothed

  64. Knit something

  65. Start a blog ✔️

  66. Make something on a pottery wheel

  67. Be an extra in a movie

  68. Go to a Ballet

  69. Be in an advert

  70. Gamble in a Casino

  71. Kiss a fireman at one of the Bals des Pompiers on 13th July ✔️

  72. Find my signature perfume ✔️

  73. Take a mud bath

  74. Fly in a private jet

  75. Buy Satin sheets

  76. Learn to a cook a signature dish ✔️

  77. Extract honey from a bee hive

  78. Take a cooking class

  79. Be on the New York Times Bestsellers list

  80. Have the most special New Year’s kiss

  81. Slide down a Fireman’s pole

  82. Go to a nude beach ✔️

  83. Be a qualified first aider

  84. Write a love letter ✔️

  85. Run a marathon

  86. Do a colour run

  87. Fly in a helicopter

  88. Spend a summer volunteering

  89. Go in a submarine

  90. Climb to the top of a lighthouse ✔️

  91. Hike in a rainforest

  92. Go the Grand Canyon

  93. Walk across Golden Gate Bridge

  94. Ski Aspen

  95. Stand in Times Square

  96. Walk the great wall of China

  97. See the Pyramids at Giza and boat down the Nile

  98. Swim in the Blue Lagoon

  99. Explore Cinque Terre

  100. Hear the call to prayer at the Blue Mosque

  101. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

  102. Become a journalist

  103. Donate my organs

  104. Be a tumbleweed at Shakespeare&Co.

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