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21 Things to do Before 21

This is a very spontaneous idea and perhaps unrealistic given that it is already the end of October and my birthday is on the 23rd December which gives me approximately 59 days to complete this list! However, this year has been the most positive and incredible year for me in a long long time and I have a lot to show for it - amazing new friends, a place at university, a new apartment, great memories of Paris, joining Saurus (rowing association at uni) and just generally pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I thought, therefore, why not push myself that little bit further - I am finally starting to feel myself again and to remind me of the girl I used to be and the girl I am becoming again I've set myself some goals to complete before my 21st Birthday.

1. Have a basic grasp of the Dutch Language.

2. Learn to cook a signature dinner - forget dish - I'm talking starter, main, dessert and sides!

3. Travel solo somewhere

4. Read 21 Books

5. Learn to Drive

6. Sort my skin out!

7. Get rid of 21 things I don't need anymore

8. Volunteer

9. Raise money for Care4Calais and Médecins Sans Frontières by running a half marathon (This one I know won't be completed before I turn 21 buuuut I can start training now to do one next year)

10. Fail at something

11. Finally move on from him

12. Write a letter to 30 year old you

13. Publish something

14. Go to the movies alone

15. Get a tattoo or piercing

16. Take a first aid course

17. Write for fun at least once a week

18. Learn to be good with money (ahem, savings)

19. Recycle and compost as much as you possibly can

20. Start doing yoga and take self-defence classes

21. Be kind to myself

So wish me luck that I can get through all of this in the next 59 days!!

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