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Getting a manicure in Paris

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Gloss up Nail Bar @ Printemps

Holiday season is coming up, and what better excuse for a fresh manicure or pedicure? It can be daunting trying to find a place in Paris, when you don't speak the language well or know where is best to go so I've put together this little post which should help to make it slightly easier!

First of all, bear in mind prices for manicures and pedicures in Paris are higher than in the UK or US, expect to pay 25-60€ for a manicure and roughly the same for a pedicure. The chain stores and department stores will charge more than 'normal' street stores, so it might be worth wandering around the arrondissement or quartier where you are staying and keeping your eyes peeled! There will usually be a price list in the window, so you don't even have to go inside before you've made up your mind, but if there isn't the vocabulary I've put together below should help!

Essential vocabulary to know:

Les ongles = nails

Les cuticules = cuticles

La manucure = manicure

La pédicure = pedicure

Les faux ongles - fake nails

Les ongles en gel (or more commonly les ongles/vernis semi permanent) = gel nails

Les ongles en acryliques = acrylic nails

Vernis à ongles = nail varnish

Lime à ongles = nail file

Le dissolvant (sans acétone) = nail varnish remover (without acetone)

Retrait (semi permanent) = Removal (of gel nails)

Ongle cassé = broken nail

Les soins/cures = Treatments

Je voudrais une manucure = I would like a manicure

Je voudrais un changement de vernis = I would like a change of polish

Je voudrais des ongles semi permanent = I would like a set of gel nails

Combien ça coute? = How much is it?

Est-ce que je peux prendre un rendez-vous? = Can I make an appointment?

Sans rendez-vous = Without an appointment

Gloss up Nail Bar @ Printemps

Where to go?

The Nail Kitchen - BHV's Beauty Floor

52 Rue de Rivoli, 4th Arrondissement

Le Boudoir de Paris

7th Arrondissement

DS Institut de Beauté

16th Arrondissement

Nail Suite - Kure Bazaar

1st/ 2nd/ 7th/ 8th Arrondissement

Nail SPAris

16th or 6th Arrondissement

The Nail Club

11th Arrondissement

Glossup Paris

9th or 3rd Arrondissement

These are just a few places that have been recommended to me by friends or articles I've read, and I personally recommend Glossup in the Printemps department store, it's very peaceful and the ladies are lovely. I had a gel manicure, which turned out beautifully and was surprisingly speedy! They also have a function to book online, which is super easy to use and also great if you find the idea of making an appointment in French a little intimidating!

I'd love to know where your favourite places are, or great nail salons you've heard of in Paris!

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