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Fancy Places to Munch in Paris

Brunching at Ladurée!

Paris is such a magical, vibrant and decadent City. Fashion Capital of the World. Think Chanel, Dior, Vuitton, Givenchy, the list is endless. Rue St Honoré is mythical, Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, they all conjure up images of extravagance .

It’s only natural that the food is the same, rich and lavish. Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, they’re all institutions in Paris. Who hasn’t heard of Ladurée, Angelina, George V? Chanel sat at Table #10 everyday at Angelina's for her daily hot chocolate, these places aren’t only about the food (good as it is) but about the legends and the stories wrapped up in them. If something special is what you’re after whilst in Paris you can’t go wrong with these places.

My favourite of the three would be Ladurée on the Champs Elysées. Although their founding store has been at 16 Rue Royale since 1862! It is reasonably priced for the Champs Elysées and for such an institution as Ladurée. Most main courses are around the 24€ mark with a bottle of wine costing upwards of 24€. The décor is luxurious in the Napoléon 3 style, with plush carpets, oil portraits, red velvet curtains and of course, the signature Ladurée colour running through. The staff are some of the friendliest I’ve met, and really try to make your experience magical. I’ve never felt rushed, even though there can be a queue out of the door for tables (definitely book in advance – I recommend using the app La Fourchette for any restaurant bookings in Paris). The food is incredible, I’ve happily experienced both brunch and dinner here and both were delicious. Of course, the macaroons are famous, but the hot chocolate also competes with the likes of Angelina’s, and the patisseries just melt in your mouth. You will leave here feeling beyond pampered, and bloated!

The French Toast, with rose jam and Chantilly cream ( 7,70€) at Ladurée

Angelina’s, founded in 1903, can be found nestled on Rue Rivoli, one of my favourite streets in Paris, just opposite Les Jardins Tulleries. Again, there is always a queue here so I would book in advance if you don’t fancy waiting around for a table. Most famous for their signature hot chocolate, "le chocolat chaud à l'ancienne l'Africain", costing 8,20€ and can be had hot or cold! Angelina’s oozes elegance and style. Their cakes and patisseries are gorgeous, although for macaroons I’d stick to Ladurée (or maybe I’m just a snob, who knows?!) The staff are lovely, humorous and happy to chat with you, instead of rushing around, which with a place as popular as Angelina's would be understandable! Their uniforms are also extremely stylish, being created by Alexis Mabel, who has worked with Dior and Galliano!

Finally, George V the most decadent of all, found just off the Champs Elysées, in a beautiful art deco hotel built in 1928. There are several restaurants inside this grandiose hotel, Le Cinq, Le George and L'Orangerie alongside La Galerie and Le Bar, for light bites and drinks. The prices are not for the faint hearted with set menus at Le Cinq (which boasts 3 Michelin stars) starting at 145€ for four courses courses! I had afternoon tea at La Galerie for my sixteenth Birthday and the the setting is exquisite, you will feel like you are living the Paris of films, surrounded by Flemish tapestries and 19th-century paintings and furniture, with a pianist playing daily from 3pm. It is easy to lose yourself for hours here. I have never tasted such a good omelette in my life, or such incredible patisseries, they are just something completely else. George V is also the less touristy of the three, making it feel more authentic.

If only the prices were more accessible, George V would far overpass Ladurée as my favourite!

La Galerie at George V

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