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Ways in which I will become a real Parisienne

No 1: Being able to meet up with friends who are already on the metro, I see Parisians do it all the time and I am in awe. How?! How do they know which carriage? How do they never even have to look around the carriage when they get on, they just head straight for their friends. Is there some internal GPS built into all Parisians that I am missing? I can barely locate the door when it’s crowded.

No. 2: I will be able to cycle a bike in stilettos and hold my handbag at the same time. If I can manage it without crying in fear and wobbling everywhere that’ll do.

No. 3: Actually just being able to navigate the cobbled streets in stilettos will do me.

No. 4: I will perfect the little run Parisian women do down the stairs in the metro without feeling like I am going to tumble down face first like a hippo on a rampage.

No 5: Having that perfect amount of perfume, that leaves a lovely trailing scent of you behind as you walk by but doesn't make you smell like a whore's boudoir or make passers by choke...

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